Vision Combi Ovens

RETIGO professional combi ovens feature a functional design refined to the last detail, intuitive control and excellent insulation properties. Besides this, they offer advanced functions that include automatic cleaning or economic water and electricity consumption.

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Confectionary Ovens

It is the very convenient device for any kitchen, bakery, confectionary shop or other HoReCa enterprise with multiple functions. It has several modes for steam cooking, baking, roasting, combination cooking.

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The Retigo Holdomat is the desirable helper for professional cooks from all corners of the world. This modern kitchen appliance is able to preserve the dish hot for a very long time. The dish remains good and ready to instant serving. Due to its function the Holdomat saves time and energy.

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The regenerator is a very useful compliment to the combi steamer especially thanks to its capacity (200 – 300 meals). In practice, the regenerator can be used not only to heat up chilled food or hold it prior to serving, but also as a means of preparing food.

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Blast Chillers/Freezers

Using a blast chiller / freezer, you can limit the amount of unwanted micro-organisms and bacteria that spoil food. It also helps prepared foods retain their natural moisture, colour, flavour and aroma.

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We recommend adding brand-name additions and appropriate accessories to all the cooking equipment in our offer. This section shows you the complete assortment of accessories that you may need for maintenance and comfortable work with our products.

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Sales training aimed at NEW RETIGO VISION COMBI OVENS

7. 4. 2017 11:51:44

We invite you to the sales training aimed at new Retigo Vision combi ovens.
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Retigo won 3rd place in Company of the Year Award

25. 10. 2016 11:16:04

Retigo participated in the regional final round of the Company of the Year Award on 18 October. Among the 14 participants Retigo gained 3rd place! Read more » Read all news

RETIGO Hold-o-mat

5. 8. 2016 12:02:10

The Retigo Holdomat is the desirable helper for professional cooks from all corners of the world. This modern kitchen appliance is able to preserve the dish hot for a very long time. The dish remains good and ready to instant serving. Due to its function the Holdomat saves time and energy.

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How to choose Combi oven?

Nowadays it's much easier to manage your menu because multifunctional combi ovens and combi steam ovens have appeared. A combi oven is easy to maintain and to use.

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About 30 years ago, European engineers got the brilliant idea to combine a steamer and a combi oven. The idea was simple: to create the single oven which could be used in three modes: in the steaming mode, in the hot air (conventional) mode or in the combined mode (the hot air and the steaming modes). The main idea of combi ovens is their multifunction. The water turns into the steam at the temperature of 212 F. Then the steam enters into the combi oven and turns into the overheated steam. The humid, evenly heated air cooks the food much quicker and better than just the hot air (convection). The chance to control both humidity and the temperature in the combi oven gives more variants of cooking in the single device - the food can be heated, boiled, steamed or baked.

Although the idea was really simple, first combi steam ovens were used only by experienced professional cooks. It was very difficult to find the ideal balance of the steam and the temperature required for cooking of various foods. The demand on the combioven was significantly raised due to the high productivity and small sizes. Many branches of the industry have appreciated advantages of the steam combi oven for recent years. For example, in schools where they strictly control that there must not be any fat and fried dishes, they have learned to cook crispy bits of the chicken filet and the French fries in the oven combi without any oil. Big restaurants and cafes, as well as big hotels have appreciated the chance to cook the great amount of food in the steam combi oven for banquets and to spend less time for cooking than it was required earlier. Casinos use the mini combi oven to prepare processed food and to fry the bread at morning and to quickly cook steamed lobsters for lunch.

The further development of this technology has facilitated the maintenance of combi ovens to such extent that it has really become the elementary one and available to everyone: you don't need to be a professional cook for that.

Top combi ovens for sale: Blue Vision combi steam ovens

Unique features of Blue Vision combi oven models:

Appearance, reliability and functionality

  • Curved  double glass door – No more burns and energy losses
  • Unique cooking chamber surface – Longer lifetime, more hygienic
  • 5 -speed fan with auto reverse system – Controlled evenness
  • Cross-wise racks  – No burned wrists or scalding, better visual control
  • Extra tray – Enhanced capacity

Easy to use in all conditions

  • Big colour touchscreen controls – Lightning fast response and ease of use
  • Unbeatable touch controls – Proper reaction even with oily or gloved fingers
  • Easy cooking – Instant and simple cooking with new technology
  • Programming – Easy to operate or customise (1000 programs/20 steps)
  • Pictograms, Touch&Cook – Just double touch to start cooking

Outstanding results and efficiency

  • Advanced boiler  system – Ongoing cooking to deliver the best results in time for the diners
  • Advanced direct injection system - Excellent cooking results thanks to highly saturated fresh steam.
  • Automatic preheating/cooling – Compensates loading temperature drops
  • Turbo steam function – Fresh steam boost for immediate steam saturation
  • Autoclima – Steam saturation control (1 % precision) for the best cooking results

One of the fastest returns on investment available on the market

  • Retigo Active cleaning system – Economical semi-closed automatic cleaning
  • Active descaling system – Automatic cooking chamber descaling
  • EcoLogic system – Energy recuperation – energy savings proven by displayed consumption
  • WSS – Water Saving System – Minimised water consumption
  • ACM - Automatic Capacity Management – Automatic recognition of food volume for the best cooking results.

Unique features of Blue Vision combi oven models:


  • Hot air 30–300 °C
  • Combination 30–300 °C
  • Steaming 30–130 °C
  • Overnight cooking /baking – Saves time and money. Minimises weight loss of food
  • Rack timing - Different products cooked at once resulting in time and energy savings
  • Regeneration/banqueting – Cook, chill and regenerate to serve more at once
  • Delta T cooking/baking – Excellent uniformity with big food chunks
  • Low temperature roasting – Less weight loss, better taste
  • Cook & Hold – Time savings in the kitchen, faster service
  • Golden Touch – Controlled finishing for golden-brown crispy excellence



  • Massive door handle – Comfortable and safe handling
  • Hand shower – Easy cleaning, no fighting with winding up
  • 4-point core probe- Safe core temperature control
  • Flap valve – Crispiness  and no cross contamination of flavours
  • Bi-directional fan – Excellent cooking and baking evenness
  • Fan Stop – Prevents scalding when the door is opened quickly
  • Ventilator fan timing – 3 steps for greater evenness
  • AISI 304 stainless steel – No corrosion risks
  • Perfect halogen illumination – Precise visual control
  • Run-off tray under the door – No slipping on water
  • Removable door gasket seal – Easy maintenance
  • IPX5 protection – Maximum safety in the kitchen environment



  • Flat control panel – No broken mechanical knobs and buttons any more
  • Vision agent – Virtual help  at your fingertips
  • Automatic start – Helps to reduce idle time and saves your time
  • Learn function – Improves cooking standards  every time
  • QuickView – Fast program overview – Easy orientation in steps



  • USB Plug-in – Easily record and load data to and from the combi oven
  • LAN interface – Saves your time and performs monitoring with data management
  • Vision Combi software – Special software valued at 320 EUR, completely free, for editing and creating programs



  • Instant HACCP records – Food quality ensured
  • CCS – Calcium Control System – Keeps an eye on calc*
  • BCS – Boiler Control System – Direct injection backup *
  • SDS – Service and Diagnostic System – Lower servicing costs, time

*- applies to boiler combi ovens only


Basic unit options

  • Left door 
  • Safety door opening in two steps – decreases the risk of steam scalding
  • Second temperature core probe
  • Set of combi ovens 611/611; 611/1011 - Enhanced flexibility on less than 1m2
  • Optional voltage 3N~/230V/50Hz
  • Marine version (not available for gas units) – Solution for marine vessels and other offshore installations